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Blood Collection Tubes (100 / package)

package each
Blue Top (NaCitrate), 2.7 ml
Lavender Top (EDTA), 4 ml
Protease Inhibitor Tube for Parathyroid Hormone-Related Peptide  
Red Top, 4 ml
Red Top, 10 ml
SST (marble top), 3.5 ml
SST (marble top), 8.5 ml
Tan (K2 EDTA) - Leads  
Navy (no additive)  
Grey Top (NaFKOxalate) 4 ml  
Green Top (Li Hep) 4mL  
Quantiferon Gold Kit (25/box)


package each

Microbiology Supplies

package each
Gen-Probe Swabs - Purple (50 / box)
Gen-Probe Urine Transport- Yellow (50 / package)
Regular Culture Swab (50 / package)  
ESwab Minitip - Blue cap (10 maximum)  
Urea/Mycoplasma Swab (M4)  
Stool O&P Vials (Proto-fix) (50 / package)
Flocked swab in Universal Transport Media (UTM) (Red cap) (10 maximum)
Vaginal Swab Orange
Double Culture Swabs (Red Caps)
Eswab Regular (White Cap)
Nasal Bulb
A.C.T. Tube

Blood Culture Vials

Adult (Purple and Blue)  
Pediatric (Pink)  
Myco (fungal)

Specimen Transport Bags

Standard Biohazard Bags (100 / bundle)  
STAT Biohazard Bags (100 / bundle)  
Small Courier Transport Bags (50 / bundle)  
Large Courier Transport Bags (50 / bundle)  
Yellow Biohazard Bags (50 / bundle)  

General Supplies

package each
Serum Transfer Tubes (100 / package)
Syringe Caps
Disposable Pipettes (500 / box)
Sterile Urine Containers (100 / bag)
Boricon Urine Containers (50 / package)
15 mL Conical Polystyrene Tubes for Cryoglobulin Processing
Urine Hats (10 maximum)

24 Hour Urine Containers

package each
No preservative  

Forms & Printer Supplies

package each
Name & D.O.B. Specimen Labels  
LabWorks Printer Labels (roll)  

Cytology, Pathology & Hematology Supplies

package each
Plastic Slide Holders  
SurePath Vials with Brush & Spatula (25 each/package)
SurePath Vials with Brooms (25 each/ package)
PAP Question Pads - Blue (50 sheets / pad)
Frosted End Slides (100 / box)  
Plain End Slides (100 / box)  
10% Formalin Containers, 60 ml (24 / package)
Cytology brushes for colposcopy (100/box)

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